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Chapter 4: Brooklet Hill

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Part 4: Brooklet Hill

Head south back to your house and speak with your mother. The next two paragraphs are optional and cover some item collecting. If you'd rather, skip ahead and just go straight to the Marina. From there, continue south to Ten Carat Hill and use Tauros to break through the rocks here. Pick up the X Attack in the item ball. Continue breaking rocks with Tauros and then get off of him to grab a Super Potion and Ultra Ball on a cliff. Continue breaking rocks to the left and exit the cave into the Ten Carat Hollow and pick up the Hard Stone, Nugget, and Burn Heal, and Great Ball. Head right and south to find TM62 - Acrobatics. Head back south and exit the hill.

If you've got some time, this is a good opportunity to collect some goodies in Hau'Oli City. First, talk to a the lady in the white dress in front of the buildings for a Potion. There is a Tiny Mushroom in an Item Ball south of the Pokemon Center. If you speak to the woman on a bench in City Hall you'll get a Revive and if you speak to the lady in green behind the counter you'll get a Shell Bell. If you head to the left side of town you'll find an Ether next to the pool. If you enter the house with the pool, you can speak to the woman in the kitchen for a Lumiose Galette. Go to the 2nd floor and speak to Ilima to challenge him to another battle. He's stronger this time, but he'll give you an Everstone if you beat him. After you've collected everything you're interested in, head south towards the Marina.

Heahea City

Once you get to the Marina you'll run into Hau and the professor who will invite you to sail with them. You'll arrive on Akala Island in Heahea City. A custscene will introduce the Island Kahuna Olivia and the Trial Captain Mallow. Continue along the main street for some more dialogue with Lillie. Continue north towards the hotel and you'll encounter Dexio and Sina. Sina will challenge you to battle with her Delibird and Glaceon.

Dexio will give you the Zygarde Cube upon winning. Continue along the path and enter the Tide Song Hotel. Head to the back left corner to find a sparkling thing on the floor. Examine it to get a Zygarde Cell sucked into your Zygarde Cube. Exit the hotel and head to the right onto Route 4.

Route 4

Battle the trainer here and pick up the Great Ball to the right. A little further up and to the right is a Tiny Mushroom under a black rock. Further up the trail you'll see a little yellow thing floating around. Investigate and you'll have a Zygarde Cell sucked into your Zygarde Cube. Head to the left for an Item Ball and to defeat a trainer. Continue to the right, defeating another trainer. You'll find an Adrenaline Orb in some tall grass shortly after. Follow the path past another trainer and pick up an Energy Root to the south. Then head north into Paniola Town.

Paniola Ranch

You'll meet up with Hau upon entering town and he'll challenge you to another battle. He'll give you a Dire Hit when you beat him. Heal up if you need to, then head north out of town to Paniola Ranch. Head right and defeat the trainer and then approach the farmer. He'll bring you to Mallow, who will register Stoutland to your Ride Pager. Use Stoutland here to find a Repel,Fresh Water, and Moomoo Milk. Head south from here to battle a trainer and find an Ether.Head right and north from here. You can battle a trainer to the south if you want, otherwise battle the one to the north and continue on your way.

Route 5

Upon entering the Route, you'll immediately face off against trainers in a double battle. Continue to the left to battle Gladion, a member of Team Skull. Hau will give you 3 Revives when you beat him. There's a Super Potion north of here next to another trainer. Continue forward and beat the next set of double trainers and heal at the Pokemon Center. Go south and defeat the trainer here and collect the berries from under the tree. Exit this area left of the Pokemon Center.

You'll come accross a blue-haired girl named Lana. Follow her to the left and pick up the Net Ball along the way. Continue south and you'll run into Lana again. She'll add Lapras to your Ride Pager. Use Lapras to surf and investigate the splashes in the water. Defeat the Pokemon and then cotinue south.

You'll come accross Lana again and she'll once again prompt you to investigate the spots in the water. Rinse and repeat. You'll be prompted to investigate splashes a third time, this time leading into the Totem's Den.

Trial of Lana

The next Island Trial - the Trial of Lana - will start. Just like before, go and investigate the splashes. Instead of a normal Wishiwashi, you'll find one in schooling form. This is the Totem Pokemon. It will sommon Alomomola to fight beside it, but it shouldn't give you too much trouble if you have a solid grass type by now. It will revert out of schooling form eventually.

After defeating the Totem Wishiwashi, head back to Captain Lana. She'll give you Waterium Z for your troubles and the trial will be complete. She'll also give you the Fishing Rod and 10 Dive Balls. You'll be at the Pokemon Center when you finally regain control.

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