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Chapter 6: Lush Jungle

Want a video instead of a text walkthrough for this part? You can find it embedded below:

Part 6: Lush Jungle

Head left from the trial gate (if you want to skip out on some goodies, you can just go right through the cave entrance), you can once again speak to the woman to the right if you want to heal first. Check out the green sparkle on the third cliff for a Zygarde Cell and pickup a Charcoal on the next cliff down. Enter the cave entrance to get to the other side of the volcano. Head south and defeat the trainer. Pickup TM39 - Rock Tomb to the right. You can also use the Poké Finder here if you want. Starting heading south. You can defeat another trainer to the right if you want, otherwise continue left down the route. Hop down all the cliffs, picking up the Burn Heal on the way. Head back right onto Route 7.

Head north from here to Route 8 towards the next trial. Head left on this route and you'll be stopped by a cutscene with Colress. He'll give you TM43 - Flame Charge. Continue left, defeating two trainers and grabbing a Hyper Potion. Just south of the Hyper Potion is a Miracle Seed. You can grab some berries under the tree to the north, but be advised that you'll have to take out a Crabrawler first. There's a trainer below this with a single Miltank that might give some trouble as it will constanly be healing itself and using strong moves. Continue on the route past another trainer until you make it to a Pokemon Center. Heal up here.

If you want you can go left of the Pokemon Center to the Motel. You can speak to Gladion in motel room, he'll kindly tell you to get out. Behind the motel is a Dive Ball. You can also battle the two trainers in the parking lot here if you want, otherwise just continue south and to the right. You can investigate the large rock and find another Zygarde Cell. Enter to Route 5 on the right. You can go South here for a few goodies. Hop down one cliff and continue left to find a trainer and another Zygarde Cell. There will be another trainer (with a very strong Sylveon) and a Hyper Potion to your left. Continue past one more trainer onto the highest cliff for TM59 - Brutal Swing and an Ether. Hop off the cliff and cotinue north through the gate.

Lush Jungle

Trial of Mallow

Captain Mallow will greet you and give you the Forage Bag. In order to clear the trial you'll need to find a Mago Berry, a Tiny Mushroom, a Revivial Herb, and a Miracle Seed. Your trial will begin. Immediately head left and investiage the Mushroom patch. Grab the Tiny Mushroom from here. You'll have to defeat a Shiinotic when you do. Continue on the left path. Use Stoutland to sniff next to the rustling tree here. You'll be attacked by a Fomantis. After it is defeated, search once agin with Stoutland and he will sniff out the Mago Berry.

Head back to the right. Go right through the tall grass and grab the Super Potion. Head north into the next area. Use Stoutland to sniff out a Revivial Herb to the left. You'll have to defeat another Fomantis. Go left and crawl through the hole here and you can pick up TM86 - Grass Knot. Exit the area to the south. Head right here and pickup the Max Revive. Go south and to the right. Here you'll need to use Tauros to Smash the rocks and use Stoutland to sniff out the Miracle Seed that was under the bottom-left rock. Make your way back to the entrance by going left, picking up the Big Root along the way.

Once you return and agree to cook the ingredients, you'll face the Totem Pokemon, a Totem Lurantis. It will summon ally Castform to fight along side it. If you've got a strong Fire, Flying, or Rock type you shouldn't have any trouble. Once it's been defeated, you'll get Grassium Z and 10 Nest Balls. Professor Kukui will also come along and give you TM67 - Smart Strike. This trial is now complete.

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