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Chapter 13: Vast Poni Canyon

Want a video instead of a text walkthrough for this part? You can find it embedded below:

Vast Poni Canyon

Head north and Lillie will give you a Max Revive and heal your Pokemon. Head into the cave entrance, but keep in mine that the trainers here will have Pokemon in the upper forties in level. If you're not ready, you might need to do some grinding first. Once inside, head right to battle your first trainer. Head right and defeat another trainer, and then use Tauros to smash the rocks to the south. Crawl through the hole here to find an Elixir. Hop down to the left and then head south and smash more rocks here to get a Max Potion. Head left for a double battle. Smash more rocks with Tauros and then exit to the south.

Head right for a Revive and then go left and north and enter the cave. You'll see a Zygarde Cell as soon as you enter. Take the top route with Mudsdale to avoid a trainer, or just take the bottom route and fight him. Exit the cave and go south and enter the little crawlspace. Use Mudsdale on the bottom route to avoid a trainer, or take the top route and fight her. Pick up the Escape Rope from the Item Ball. Head back out the way you came in. Head towards the bridge and you'll be stopped by Lillie. A cutscene will happen where she conquers her fears and heals your Pokemon.

Go through the entrance and pick up the Zygarde Cell on your left. Go around the pillar and use Machamp to push the boulder south. Pick up the Full Restore here. Push the boulder to the south to the right. Head outside to find a Zygarde Cell and a Dusk Ball. Head back in and push the remaining boulder up. Climb up the ladder. Defeat the trainer and exit to the right. Defeat another trainer and cross the bridge, you'll run into Captain Mina. She'll give you Fairium Z. Defeat another trainer to the right and cross another bridge, you can find a PP Max in this area. Go north along the tree branch to a different cliff. Head right and south to find another trainer and a Full Heal. Go back north and desecend to the left.

Head south into the cave. Push the boulder to the right and pick up the Zygarde Cell. This creates a shortcut to the beginning of the area. If you need to, utilize this to heal and pick up supplies. Head back north and defeat the three trainers on the way. Attempt to enter the cave and Lillie will catch up, healing your team for you. A trial will begin as soon as you walk in.

Final Island Trial

Head to the right and you'll be attacked by a Jangmo-o. Just ahead of this you'll find TM02 - Dragon Claw. Continue forward again and a Hakamo-o will appear. Walk forward and take the Z-Crystal from the pedestal. A Lv. 45 Totem Kommo-o will attack you here. It will call Lv. 32 Hakamo-o as its ally. It's Dragon type, so it's weak to Fairy, Ice, and other Dragon moves. Once you defeat it you'll get Dragonium Z and your trial will be over.

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