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Chapter 2: Verdant Cavern

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Part 2: Verdant Cavern

Hau'oli City

After you've completed the Trainer School, Lillie will lead you into Hau'oli City. Head left onto the beach to pickup a Poké Ball in an item ball. Continue north into the Shopping District and you'll be stopped by Hau. A clerk at the Touris Bureau will give you the Poké Finder. Use it to snap photos at the rock wall to upgrade your Poké Finder. Continue north and Lillie will stop you to give you the Lens Case. Continue heading straight and speak to the man next to the Pokemon Center to get a Heal Ball. Head south and back to the right to meet up with Hau again. Head right and south towards the Marina. Speak to Ilima and you'll quickly be interupted by a Team Skull grunt that you'll have to defeat. They'll run off and Ilima will heal your team.

Ilima will then challenge you to battle. He has a Lv. 9 Yungoos and a Lv. 10 Smeargle. He'll use a Potion, so be prepared for that. After winning, speak to the girl in the hat to your left to get an X Defense. Head back north and enter the red gate into a field of tall grass. You'll find TM49 - Echoed Voice in an Item Ball here. Head north towards the Pokemon Center and heal up. Continue straight past this and Lillie will stop you for some dialogue. Pat the Tauros and continue north to Route 2.

Route 2

Defeat the trainer here and continue north. You can head east to the graveyard if you'd like to pick up a few items (including TM100 - Confide), battle a few trainers, or catch some Pokemon. There's another trainer on the route you'll need to defeat as well as a Heal Ball on a cliff on to the right. Enter a motel room on the left of the route and speak to the man inside for 2 Nest Balls. Continue north, defeating another trainer, and follow a Delibird to the Berry Fields.

Berry Fields

Once in the fields, you'll come across a man being attacked by a few Team Skull thugs. Defeat the thug and his Drowzee and the man will reward you with an Oran Berry. Pick up some other berries under the tree and then head out of the fields and back north, you'll run into another trainer. Take the north route to battle two trainers and get a Revive or take the south route to battle another trainer and pick up a Super Potion. Enter the Pokemon Center with Hau to get 3 Revives. Grab some berries from under the tree next to the Pokemon Center and then talk to Ilima to begin his trial.

Verdant Cavern

Trial of Ilima

Ilima will explain the trial when you enter. Look inside the small den right in front of you to face a Rattata. Nab the Super Potion as you move right and to the north. Check out the next den and defeat another Rattata. Check under the large illuminated rock for a Revive. Head left and to the south for TM31 - Brick Break. Head north and all the way to the right. Crawl through the hole and pickup the Super Potion. Check out the den here, but there's nothing inside. Head to the leftmost den and there will once again be nothing inside, Pick up the X Defense but this time head right towards the den we recently checked that the short cutscene highlighted.

On your way back, you'll be interrupted by some Team Skull Grunts. After defeating the grunt, they will actually help you find the last Pokemon by blocking the entrance to the other dens. Go to the open den and investiage to find a Raticate. Defeat it and head north through the entrance to the Totem's Den. Take the Z-Crystal from the pedestal. You'll be challenged by the Lv. 12 Totem Raticate. He will summon Rattata to assist him. Focus on attacking the Raticate or use moves that target more than one opponent. After defeating the Raticate, you'll get Normalium Z and 10 Great Balls. You've now completed the Trial of Ilima in Verdant Cavern.

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