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Pokemon Sun and Moon Characters

Sun Moon Characters

This Pokemon Sun and Moon Characters guide serves as a list of Characters in Sun and Moon. Pokemon Sun and Moon Versions introduce the seventh generation of Pokemon in the Alola Region. This page details information about the new non-playable characters that are introduced in the Alola region. This guide is a work in progress. Be sure to check back soon for more information!

Pokemon Sun & Moon Characters

Professor Kukui

Pokemon Sun and Moon Professor Kukui

Professor Kukui is the new edition to the expanding roster of Pokemon professor's. Kukui serves as your mentor at the beginning of the game and will give you your first starter Pokemon. He's the man that heads Pokemon research in the Alola region. Professor Kukui is the most casual professor to date and widely agreed to be the most attractive, although Professor Oak might give him a run for his money.


Pokemon Sun and Moon Lillie

Lillie is Professor Kukui's assistant and loves to read about and research Pokemon. She is the same age as you (the trainer) and will likely serve as your rival. Lillie appears to be a Pokemon Rights Activist and doesn't support battling Pokemon. Her definite role in the story remains a mystery.


Pokemon Sun and Moon Hau

Hau is one of the first people you meet when you arrive in the Alola region and remains your good friend throughout the story. He's an upbeat and cheerful guy who is always hungry and obsessed with the island food of malsada. Hau is the same age as you and a possible rival, but little is known about his role in the story at this point.

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