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Chapter 11: Aether Paradise

After the dialogue with Gladion, head north towards the elevator. There will be some trainers you can battle along the way. Once you reach the elevator, a cutscene will happen and a battle with Faba will ensue. Afterwards, tell Gladion that you are not ready.

Instead, head south and speak with the person at the desk to heal your Pokemon. Now speak with Gladion and tell him you are ready. There will be a cutscene and Hau will give you a Max Potion. Now head right and go through the door. Continue, and shortly, there will be a cutscene and a battle.

Once that battle is over, there will be yet another battle. You can guess what happens next as another battle will happen. Win this one and some dialogue will happen. Now continue all the way to the last door and go inside for a cutscene as well as a double battle.

Afterwards, examine the computer for information on Cosmog and the Ultra Beasts. Exit this room and a cutscene will happen. Now head back to the elevator and go to floor “1F.” There will be a cutscene and a double battle. Afterwards, your Pokemon will be healed.

Now head north for a cutscene and a double battle. There will be another double battle after the first one ends. Head north through the door after the battles for a cutscene. Afterwards, head north and battle all the trainers along the way.

Once you reach the end of the trainers, a cutscene will happen with Gladion and Guzma. You will have to battle Guzma now. After the battle, head north through the door for a cutscene if you do not need to heal your Pokemon first. A battle with Soliera will happen now.

Afterwards, you will need to head north through the door for a cutscene. Now follow Lusamine through the portal for a cutscene. Now head towards Lusamine for another cutscene and a battle with her will ensue. After the battle, a cutscene will continue and you will need to exit this area to the south.

Continue south until you get a cutscene. You will be given either a Sun Flute or a Moon Flute depending on which version of the game you are playing. Gladion will now give you a Master Ball. Exit back to the docks and speak with Gladion to be taken to Poni Island.

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