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Chapter 3: Kahuna Hala

After exiting Verdant Cavern, head south a short distance for a cutscene with Ilima. After the cutscene, head inside the Pokemon center to heal your Pokemon if needed or stock up on supplies. Now head to Route 3, which was just unlocked in the previous cutscene.

Continue along Route 3, taking either route, until you reach the marker on the map. Enter Melemele Meadow and continue for a cutscene with Lillie. Make your way south into the meadow to find a small hole in the cave you can enter. Go inside of it to find Seaward Cave.

Travel south into the cave for a brief cutscene with Nebby and a battle with ensue. After the battle, examine Nebby for a cutscene and a battle with Hau. After the victory cutscene, head south and continue across the bridge for a battle with Rising Star Joshua.

Continue south after the battle and head to Route 1. Now continue to marker on the map for a cutscene with Lillie and Kukui. Now continue north after the cutscene to find Kahuna Hala. Before continuing, you may want to heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon center to the south.

Now speak with Kahuna Hala for a brief dialogue and a battle will happen. Once you have defeat Island Kahuna Hala, another cutscene will happen and you will obtain a Fightinium Z. This will also complete the Grand Trial for the island. You will also get a Ride Pager and TM54 False Swipe.

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