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Chapter 13: Kahuna Hapu

Head with Mina back to Seafolk Village. Speak with Mina to start the Trial of Mina. This will initiate a battle with Mina. Afterwards, she will give you a Pink Petal. Now fly to Route 2 on Melemele Island. Head east to the cemetery for a cutscene. You will get a Max Elixir.

Head into the cemetery and speak to Ilima by one of the graves for a battle. After the battle, Ilima will give you the Orange Petal. Head with Ilima to Lush Jungle. Heal your Pokemon at the nearby Pokemon center if needed before heading into Lush Jungle.

Follow Mallow into the back of the area for a cutscene and a battle with Lana. After the battle, you will get the Green Petal from Mallow and the Blue Petal from Lana. Head to Wela Volcano Park with them. Heal your Pokemon at a nearby Pokemon center if needed before heading to the top of the volcano.

Once at the top of the Wela Volcano Park, speak with the Hiker for some dialogue and a battle with Kiawe. Afterwards, you will have to battle Hiker David as well. Kiawe will now give you the Red Petal. Head with him to Hokulani Observatory and heal your Pokemon if needed.

Head inside the observatory and go find Sophocles for some dialogue. He will give you the Yellow Petal and take you to the next stop on Mina’s Trial. After the dialogue, go towards the Aether House for another cutscene and be given a Grip Claw.

Head inside Aether House for a cutscene with Nanu and a battle. Nanu will give you the Purple Petal after the battle. Now fly back to Seafolk Village, heal your Pokemon, and go speak with Mina. After some dialogue, she will give you the Rainbow Flower and a battle with Totem Ribombee will start.

Focus on the Totem Pokemon first and the ally second. After the battle, Mina will give you the Fairium Z. Exit back to Seafolk Village for a cutscene with Hapu. Heal your Pokemon and speak with the guy at the marker on the map to head to Exeggutor Island.

Head to the back of the island and have the Exeggutor lift you up. Continue to the back for a cutscene with Hapu and a battle. Hapu will give you the Groudium Z after the battle and this will also complete the grand trial on Poni Island.

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