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Chapter 7: Kahuna Olivia

Use Charizard to fly to Heahea City and head towards the marker on the map for a cutscene. Now enter the building and use the elevator to reach the 3F floor for a cutscene. Afterwards, speak with Lillie for more dialogue. Now exit back to the elevator for yet another cutscene.

Be sure to use the elevator to go back to the 1F floor and exit the building for a cutscene. Now head to the marker on the map. This will be Diglett's Tunnel. Shortly after entering, there will be a cutscene. Now head south and go west. Continue this direction and head up the stairs for cutscene.

Afterwards, continue making your way through the tunnel. The path is rather straight forward, but there will be several trainers to battle along the way. You will soon come across some Grunts. There will be some dialogue and a battle. Hau will give you a Max Ether.

Continue along and exit to Route 9. Shortly after exiting, there will be a cutscene and you will get a Thunder Stone. Continue towards the marker on the map and enter Konikoni City for a cutscene. Head to the Pokemon center and heal your Pokemon.

Now head into the shop with the marker for a cutscene. You will get a Max Potion. Exit the shop and head towards the southeast back to Route 9. Continue until you reach Memorial Hill. Travel through the small maze and continue for a cutscene and a battle.

Afterwards, continue along to find Akala Outskirts. Head to the top of the hill for a cutscene and a battle with Plumeria. Now continue north into the Ruins of Life and a cutscene a short distance after entering. A battle with Kahuna Olivia will happen now.

After defeating Kahuna Olivia, there will be a cutscene and you will get a Rockium Z. This will complete the Akala Grand Trial and you will be taken back out to the Akala Outskirts for another cutscene.

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