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Chapter 6: Lush Jungle

Once you reach the marker on the map to the north of Wela Volcano Park after finishing the Trial of Kiawe, there will be a cutscene and the path forward will be unlocked. This will be Dividing Peak Tunnel. Continue along this route until you get a cutscene. Afterwards, continue north to Route 8.

Travel a short distance down the route for a cutscene and you will get TM43 Flame Charge. Now continue west along the route until you reach the Pokemon center. A cutscene will happen and you will learn about the Festival Plaza. Heal your Pokemon and head south towards the marker on the map.

You will be on Route 5. Continue going this route until you reach the marker. Go inside the Lush Jungle and continue for a cutscene with Mallow. You will now be in the Trial of Mallow and she will also give you the Forage Bag. Examine the nearby shiny spot for a Mago Berry.

Now speak with Mallow to be taken to the next spot. Examine the nearby bush to get the Honey. Speak with Mallow to be taken to the next spot. Examine the nearby Sudowoodo to get a Big Root. Now go speak with Mallow again to be taken back to the entrance.

While checking the ingredients, a Fomantis, Comfey, and a Sudowoodo will attack. After defeating each of them, the cutscene will continue and Totem Lurantis will attack. Take out Totem Lurantis first and finish off any allies to win the match. This will complete the Trial of Mallow.

Mallow will give you the Grassium Z and 10 Nest Balls. Kukui will show up and give you the TM67 Smart Strike. This will finish all the Akala Trials and you will need to beat the Island Kahuna next. This will be Kahuna Olivia, but you will have to do something else first.

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