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Chapter 10: Po Town

After the Trial of Acerola, head back to Tapu Village and heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon center. Now head west to Route 15 and continue to the marker on the map for a cutscene. A battle with Plumeria will begin. After the battle, you will get a Rare Candy.

Exit back to Route 15 and head west towards the marker on the map. Speak with the guy in white standing on the beach for some dialogue. Pick “Neither” and you will get Sharpedo registered to your Ride Pager. Be sure to heal your Pokemon prior to continuing to Route 15 using Sharpedo.

Head south and break through the rocks with Sharpedo. Continue along Route 15 until you reach land towards the north and a Pokemon center. This will be Route 16. Head north from here to Ula’ula Meadow. Continue heading north through this area for a cutscene.

Afterwards, continue north to Route 17 and head north until you come into battle with a Grunt. Once the battle is over, head northeast some more until you reach the marker on the map for a cutscene and a double battle. Afterwards, another cutscene will and you can now enter Po Town.

Once inside Po Town, head to the west to find a hole in the bush. Go through it and continue towards the middle of town for a cutscene and a couple battles. Head north to find another barricade. Just head west and go through another hole in a bush to make it across.

Continue towards the middle of town for another battle. Continue north to the next barricade. Simply head west like previous and go across to the north. Continue north and enter the Shady House. Head left and go to the back of the hallway. Battle the trainer if needed and enter the last door.

Examine the piece of paper to find the password “Poison Jab.” Exit the room and head through the door to the left side of the stairs. Continue through the room and battle the Grunt along the way. Enter the next room and continue through the next door. Examine the paper here for the password “Tapu Cocoa.”

Now exit back to the main room and head up the stairs. Head through the southern door on the left and battle the Grunt. Now examine the paper for the last password, “Bounsweet.” Exit the room and speak with the Grunt to the south.

After selecting the passwords, select “No!” to be let through door and onto the roof. Head east and go through the window back into the building. Continue north and go through the door to find Guzma. Shortly after entering, there will be a cutscene and a battle with him.

After the battle, examine the gold pile to get the Buginium Z. Exit the building back to Po Town for a cutscene with Nanu and Acerola. Now use Charizard to fly back to Tapu Village. Head west to Route 15 and continue towards the marker on the map for a cutscene once you enter Aether House.

A battle will happen with Gladion. Afterward, pick to either go with him or not. If not, use Charizard to fly to Malie City. Heal up your Pokemon at the Pokemon center and head towards the marker on the map. A cutscene will happen and you will be challenged to a battle with Kahuna Nanu.

Once the battle is over, Kahuna Nanu will give you the Darkium Z. This will complete your grand trial and a bit more dialogue will happen. You will regain control in Aether Paradise and be able to head out to find Lillie now.

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