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Chapter 14: Pokemon League

Use Charizard to fly to Tapu Village. Heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon center if needed. Take the path to the east of the Pokemon center to enter Mount Lanakila. Continue north for a brief cutscene and a battle with Gladion. Afterwards, he will give you a PP Max.

Heal your Pokemon again if needed, then head north unto the lift. Use it and enter the cave at the top. Head through the cave, battling the trainers along the way, until you are able to exit on the other side. Continue along the path, battling the trainers along the way.

Enter the cave and continue to the nearby crater to find Necrozma. You do not have to battle it again, but you can catch it now if you desire. Examine it and share your light with it to engage it in battle. The easiest way to catch it is to use the Master Ball. Afterwards, you will get the Ultranecrozium Z.

If you caught Necrozma, there will be a cutscene with Colress and you will get the N-Solarizer and the N-Lunarizer. Otherwise, just continue along the path until you reach the next cave. Head through here towards the exit to the north and battle the trainers along the way.

After exiting, continue north and use the lift to reach the Pokemon center. Heal your Pokemon here if needed and continue west. Head north when able until you reach Kukui. After some dialogue, continue north into the Pokemon League for a bit more dialogue.

The first door in the room will be Elite Four Molayne. He has a lv. 56 Klefki, lv. 56 Magnezone, lv. 57 Dugtrio, lv. 56 Metagross, and a lv. 56 Bisharp. After the battle, exit through the portal and head into the second door to find Elite Four Olivia.

She has a lv 56. Cradily, lv. 56 Gigalith, lv. 57 Lycanroc, lv. 56 Probopass, and a lv. 56 Armaldo. After the battle, exit through the portal and head into the third door to find Elite Four Acerola. She has a lv. 56 Banette, lv. 56 Dhelmise, lv. 57 Palossand, lv. 56 Froslass, and a lv. 56 Drifblim.

After the battle, exit through the portal and into the last door to find Elite Four Kahili. She has a lv. 56 Braviary, lv. 56 Hawlucha, lv. Mandibuzz, lv. 57 Toucannon, and a lv. 56 Oricorio. After the battle, head through the portal as well as the portal in the center of the room.

Head up the stairs to find a pedestal. Be sure to heal your Pokemon prior to examining it as a battle with Hau will ensue. He has a lv. 59 Raichu, lv. 60 Incineroar, lv. 58 Leafeon, lv. 59 Crabominable, lv. 58 Tauros, and a lv. 58 Noivern.

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