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Chapter 12: Poni Island

Once you are on Poni Island, head north for a cutscene and continue north afterwards towards the marker on the map. A cutscene with Lillie will happen.  Now head towards the marker on the map, which is to the east and south. This will be Ancient Poni Path.

Continue to the marker for a cutscene with Hapu. Machamp will be registered with your Ride Pager. Now head east to Poni Breaker Coast. Continue until you reach the marker on the map. Head inside the Ruins of Hope and continue to the bottom for a cutscene.

Continue through the door and there will be another cutscene. Now use Machamp to shove the large block all the way north. Move the center block east and north into the hole. Continue north through the door and there will be a cutscene as you approach the back of this room.

Now head back to Seafolk Village for a cutscene with Kahuna Hapu. Head west to get another cutscene and be transported to Exeggutor Island. Examine the nearby Exeggutor for a battle. Do this for every Exeggutor on the island for a brief cutscene.

Now head to the back of the island and examine the Exeggutor again to be lifted to the ledge. Continue to the back of the island and examine the pedestal for the Moon Flute or Sun Flute depending on which version of the game you are playing.

After a cutscene, you will be back at Seafolk Village. Head north to Poni Wilds and head east then south to Ancient Poni Path. Continue towards the marker on the map for a cutscene will Lillie. A battle with a Grunt will now ensue. Afterwards, there will be another battle and a cutscene.

You will be given the Poisonium Z. Head north to Vast Poni Canyon and continue until you reach Hapu. A cutscene will happen and there will be a battle with Soliera. After the battle, head towards Lillie for a cutscene. She will give you a Max Revive and heal your Pokemon.

Now head through the tunnel opening, fighting the trainer nearby. Continue east and fight the next trainer as well. Continue along the path to top for a double battle. You need to ride Tauros now and break the rocks at the top of the path.

Continue outside and head west across the canyon. Go inside the next opening. Continue heading west, fighting the trainer if necessary. Continue along the path and head back outside. Head north for a cutscene with Lillie. Afterwards, head inside the opening and go down the path.

Use Machamp to push the large rock south and into the hole. Continue south and push the next rock into the hole in the east. Push the next rock to the north into the last hole. Now climb up the ladder to the east and fight the trainer if needed. Afterwards, head back outside and fight the trainer.

Now head across the bridge and fight the next trainer. Continue along the path and across the bridge. Go down to the bottom of the canyon and head into the opening to the south. Push the rock into the nearby hole and exit back out to the north.

Continue north, fighting all the trainers on the way, and head through the opening for a cutscene with Lillie. Head inside for a trial. Continue north to be attacked by a Jangmo-o. Continue along the path for a battle with Hakamo-o. Afterwards, head to the pedestal and examine it.

Take the Z-Crystal out for a battle with Totem Kommo-o. Focus on the Totem Pokemon and finish off with the ally. Afterwards, you will get the Dragonium Z. Exit to the north to find the Altar and a cutscene with Lillie as well as Hapu. Continue up the stairs for another cutscene.

Now go stand on the pedestal opposite of Lillie and play the flute for a cutscene. A battle with Necrozma will now happen. After the battle, the cutscene will continue. Now speak with Phyco and head into the white warp hole.

This will take you into the Ultra Space Wilds unless you go through the white warp hole, so be sure to go through this one. If you manage to do that, you will come out at Ultra Megalopolis and there will be a cutscene. Head towards the tower for another cutscene.

Head inside the tower for a brief cutscene and you will now be on Megalo Tower. Travel to the top of the tower for a cutscene with Necrozma. Examine it to initiate a battle with Ultra Necrozma. There will be a cutscene after the battle and you will get Poipole and 3 Beast Balls.

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