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Chapter 9: Thrifty Megamart

If you have not done so already, exit back to the overworld and use Charizard to fly to Malie City. Now go to Malie Garden and continue north for a cutscene and a battle with Guzma. You will now get the Z Crystal for your starter Pokemon.

Exit Malie Garden back to Malie city and heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon center if needed. Now head west and south to Route 11. Head east on Route 11, being sure to battle the trainers along the way. A short cutscene will happen before you get too far as well.

Continue east until you get to the marker on the map. A brief dialogue will happen, and the path forward will be unlocked. Continue onward to find Route 12 and a cutscene shortly after entering where you will have Mudsdale registered to your Ride Pager.

Use Mudsdale to travel further southeast across the rocks until you reach the battle with the Grunts. After the battle, continue heading towards the south until you reach Route 13. Shortly after getting to Route 13, a cutscene will happen and you will get a Max Potion.

Continue west to get to Tapu Village. Head towards the marker on the map for a cutscene. Now heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon center if needed and continue west towards the marker on the map to reach Route 15. Continue north to reach the marker and head inside the building for a cutscene.

Afterwards, exit the building for another cutscene and a battle with a Grunt. Once the battle is over, Lillie will give you 5 Luxury Balls. Now head back to Tapu Village to find Acerola near the Pokemon center. Head towards her for some dialogue. Follow her south to Route 14.

Continue along Route 14 until you reach Acerola south of the marker on the map. After some brief dialogue, follow her up the stairs for another round of dialogue. Now head inside to begin the Trial of Acerola. Start out by making your way towards the back of the room.

A conveyor belt will start to move. Examine it and take a picture of the Gastly. A battle will ensue. Head west after the battle to find another place to examine, which will be a Haunter. Take a picture of it and get ready for another battle.

Continue through the room after beating Haunter until the dolls start moving. Examine them to be able to take a picture of Gengar. Like previously, a battle will happen with it. Afterwards, continue heading through to the back of the room to find Acerola.

Make sure to always answer that you are not leaving and finish with picking, “Take a photo.” Now head through the unlocked door. Take a picture of the Totem Pokemon, which may be directly behind you. This will start the battle with Totem Mimikyu.

Use the same strategy as usual by defeating Totem Mimikyu first and any allies second. After the battle, Acerola will give you the Ghostium Z and 10 Dusk Balls. This will complete the Trial of Acerola.

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