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Chapter 5: Wela Volcano Park

Heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon center on Route 5 after completing the Trial of Lana. Now head along the path to the southeast and continue south until you reach the Sudowoodo. Examine them and they will run off. A cutscene will happen and you will be able to battle Soliera.

After the battle, continue south to Route 6 and head towards the map marker further south for a cutscene. A battle will happen with some Grunts. Afterwards, head to the marker on the map to the east. Be sure to heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon center along the way.

There will be a couple cutscenes while heading towards the marker. Continue into the Battle Royal Dome for another cutscene and a battle. Afterwards, exit the Battle Royal Dome and head towards the east. You will find a marker on the map towards the north once you reach the edge of the city.

Head in that direction to find Route 7. Continue towards the marker and continue into the next zone to find the Wela Volcano Park. Continue into the park and make your way to the top to find the Totem’s Den. A cutscene will happen with Kiawe here and you will be in the Trial of Kiawe.

You need to answer several questions in this trial. The first answer is “the middle Marowak.” You will now have to battle a Marowak. The answer to the second question is “How they’re smiling.” Now a battle with the Hiker. The answer to the last question can be any of them.

You will now be a fight with Totem Marowak. Just use the same strategy as the others and focus on the Totem Pokemon first. You will be given the Firium Z, 10 Quick Balls, and have Charizard registered to the Ride Pager. Now exit the Totem’s Den and head towards the marker on the map.

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